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These inexpensive, self-adhesive reflector strips will enable parents to equip any and every stroller with high quality reflective material which offers all around visibility even from great distances. Baby Beacon™ high quality strips are easy to apply and come with instructions on where to strategically place them on your stroller to ensure the best visibility. They do not inhibit the folding mechanism of your stroller in anyway and the silver reflective material is nearly invisible during the day to not affect the style of look of your stroller. Once applied Baby Beacon is always there. The length and width are designed so that they will wrap completely around the shaft of the stroller to help ensure a no peel affect.


Reflective material is used in many places today like on vehicles, construction cones, and street signs. Why not on baby strollers?


Meet Laura

My name is Laura Hetzel. I am a mom and a licensed CPA. We live in Oceanside Long Island in New York with my incredible son Brian. I have enjoyed watching him grow and I love the life that we have. Baby Beacon™ was created by me with my sister in law Denise. We were talking one day and I told her of an incident that occurred at the mall with my son and I. It was around 6 pm in December heading to do some holiday shopping. As I was walking his stroller between the aisles I came out between two cars and a driver was “flying” down the aisle towards us. I pulled the stroller back as quickly as I could and my son was thankfully unscathed. The guy didn’t even see me nor did it seem that he was even thinking of all the pedestrians that were coming in and out of the shopping center. Of course, my first thought was why someone would be driving that fast down the aisle at the mall. But here is the thing…


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