The purpose of Baby Beacon™ Stroller Reflectors

Baby Beacon™ Stroller Reflectors are reflective stickers which when placing them on your stroller will help to ensure your stroller is seen by drivers from dusk til dawn.

Meet Laura

My name is Laura Hetzel. I am a mom and a licensed CPA. We live in Oceanside Long Island in New York with my incredible son Brian. I have enjoyed watching him grow and I love the life that we have. Baby Beacon™ was created by me with my sister in law Denise. We were talking one day and I told her of an incident that occurred at the mall with my son and I.

It was around 6 pm in December heading to do some holiday shopping. As I was walking his stroller between the aisles I came out between two cars and a driver was “flying” down the aisle towards us. I pulled the stroller back as quickly as I could and my son was thankfully unscathed. The guy didn’t even see me nor did it seem that he was even thinking of all the pedestrians that were coming in and out of the shopping center. Of course, my first thought was why someone would be driving that fast down the aisle at the mall. But here is the thing………. You can’t control what other people do. You can only protect yourself as best as you can and be prepared and mindful.

One of the things that always made me uncomfortable about strollers is that they are always out in front of you. Your most precious possession is put into harm’s way before you are. When you are crossing the street, or walking through a parking lot, your baby steps out first. Now I have gone over and over how to fix that and I cannot figure a better way to design a stroller. But I did decide that I could help to make that stroller a little safer. And Baby Beacon™ was born.

Baby Beacon™ are inexpensive, self-adhesive reflective strips which can be attached to any stroller, and once applied they are always there. No matter what stroller make, model or design, these stickers can be easily applied and will in no way hinder the folding mechanism of your baby carriage. Baby Beacon™ technology works by reflecting light back to the driver illuminating your stroller so that they can see you from hundreds of feet away instead of what the average eye can see in less than ideal situations. Adding these simple, retroreflective beacons of light to your stroller can help to reduce accidents and near accidents in bad weather and at night. From dusk to dawn, rain, sleet, snow or hail, you can feel safer knowing that Baby Beacon™ is there for you.

I created this product as a mother and as a person who truly cares. My goal is to help to make parents feel a little extra security as they guide their beloved child through the day to day events of life. I love my son more than anything in this world, and that day is still clear in my head. The fear that I had in that moment, the thoughts that passed through my head for the rest of the evening and for days after. I knew I had to do something to try to make him safer if I could. I honestly believe in my product and I believe in making the world safer one baby at time.