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  • Date: November 19, 2019

Retroreflective stroller stickers to ensure the safety of families.

Long Island, N.Y. — Baby Beacon™ has launched its revolutionary product in hopes of protecting parents/caregivers and their children by making sure they are visibly seen. This innovative product uses inexpensive, reflector strips that parents can easily add on to any and every baby stroller. The high-quality reflective material offers all-around visibility, even from great distances, illuminating your stroller so that you can feel safe and confident pushing your baby in front of you out into the street or through a parking lot.

Motor vehicles are responsible for one of every 5 deaths among children 1-14 years of age in the United States, and pedestrian injuries account for one-fourth of them. Compared with occupant injuries pedestrian injuries have a fivefold higher likelihood of death among those injured. Additionally, the time of day that most accidents occurred between 6pm-9pm any day throughout the year.

With Baby Beacon™, parents and their strollers can increase their visibility no matter the time of day or the weather conditions. Whether from dusk to dawn, pouring rain, snow or fog, these self-adhesive reflective stickers will ensure that your stroller is seen in hopes to reduce the risk of accidents and fatalities. The stickers are nearly invisible during the daylight to not affect the style of the stroller, and are designed to wrap completely around the shaft of the stroller to avoid any unwanted peeling or the need to reapply. Baby Beacon™ is also designed to not inhibit the folding mechanism of your strollers in any way, and come with detailed instructions on where and how to place them to ensure the best visibility.

“As parents, our strollers are the chariots that carry our most precious possession,” said Laura Hetzel, creator of Baby Beacon™, as she reflects on her invention. “There are so many distractions that lead to accidents and pedestrian injuries. I created this out of my own concern and frustrations as a mom. I knew it needed to be something that wouldn’t impair the style or functionality of the stroller, but would ensure that we could be seen and safe.”

Hetzel is working with invention expert and industry leader Brian Fried, President and Chief Invention Officer of Inventor Smart and Executive Director of the United Inventors Association. Fried’s expertise comes with over 15 years of experience as a mentor to inventors, including celebrities.

Baby Beacon™ self-adhesive reflective strips are an inexpensive safety measure which can be added to any stroller, and once applied they are always there. Regardless of the stroller make, model or design, these stickers can be easily applied and will in no way hinder the folding mechanism of your baby carriage. Baby Beacon™ technology works by reflecting light back to the driver illuminating your stroller so that they can see you from hundreds of feet away instead of what the average eye can see in less than ideal situations.

For more information on Baby Beacon™ reflective stickers visit the website at www.StrollerReflectors.com. For questions regarding the inventor and her personal story, please contact jess@morethanpress.com.

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